Mr Andrew Turner (MP) visited the Isle of Wight College’s  F6rm to talk to students on A/S Level Government and Politics.

Mr Andrew Turner visited F6rm to talk to students on A/S Level Government and Politics and A/S Level History courses about current political issues.

Engaging topics

The students sat around a table and asked a range of Question Time-like questions on topics such as:

  • Thatcherism
  • The European Union
  • Military intervention in Syria
  • Gay marriage
  • The rise of UKIP
  • The miners’ strike
  • Poll tax
  • University tuition fees.

Under the spotlight

The students listened with enthusiasm as the role of the MP and the Ideology of Conservatism are studied within the Government and Politics syllabus. The History students will be covering Thatcherism as part of their studies. Although put ‘under the spotlight’ Mr Turner said he had enjoyed meeting the students and would be very happy to do so again in the future.

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