The Isle of Wight College has partnered with industry leader E-Careers to bring an exciting new eLearning study option to the Island. This new platform offers learners the flexibility of studying anywhere and anytime to help achieve educational goals.

E-Careers offer a best-in-class online education platform covering a vast array of industries, skills and qualification programmes across professional, vocational and recreational course options.

Career Paths

E-Careers have built Career Paths to help you plan your career route and professional development in the following areas:


Learn the techniques of project management from planning to controlling of resources to achieve the desired outcome of the project. Get trained in the principles of project management by choosing from the best available online courses on Project Management.


Ever wanted to increase your work efficiency or learn how to better present your data. A handy course for a new learner or those wishing to upgrade to higher versions of the software. Learn the software tools which are practically used in almost all office settings and differentiate yourself from the others with the expert knowledge gained.

Hobbies & Interests

Learn how to run a professional wedding planner business, event planning, bake a cake, make your own designer doggie clothes, yoga, maintaining your bicycle and much more.


We have filmed best-selling career authors and owners of leading CV writing services, revealing the secrets to a job winning CV. Learn these tips which you will surely find useful in getting you your desired job.


Photographer, writer, developer or a hobbyist – unlock the creative block and learn everything you need to know on how to weave your ideas for a digital world. Know how to take professional digital photographs using DSLR cameras including how to use your camera, flash, exposure and much more.


Looking for a job in a fast growing Accounting and Bookkeeping sector or if you want to learn accounting and bookkeeping to manage your own business. Learn accounting and other financial practices to prepare you for an entry in the numbers world.


Don’t get left behind and learn the technical skills needed to work in this electronic age. Possess the knowledge and match the skills employers are looking for in this technology oriented industry.

About E-Careers

E-Careers is an established player in the UK offering top quality completely online learning courses. Using the state of art Learning Management Software (LMS) our training advisers have the ability to track the learner’s progress, helping them along their educational journey to get the most out of the studies.

Founded in 2002, e-Careers specialises in delivering a vast array of educational and training programmes to a wide variety of clients in all sectors.

Most courses are delivered via an e-Learning platform, however, workbook and classroom based training is also available, as well as the possibility of training in workshops and clinics.

A strong team of career developers are available to advise students on career paths and study programmes.

Seamlessly combining Animated Content, Video Based Training, Audio Based Training, Virtual Classroom and Virtual Laboratories into a solution that will undoubtedly provide its clients a 21st century education programme.

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