We have been fortunate to secure an ‘I-Work’ collaborative project that will create enhanced opportunities for young people in the Commonwealth, by building capacity in TVET leaders and practitioners.

Knowledge and innovation will be shared between TVET leaders and practitioners in five countries: Ghana, Malaysia, India, South Africa and the UK. The project is funded through the FCO Fairness Fund and managed by the British Council. The Isle of Wight College cluster comprises the following partners:

Our project has three key themes:

  1. Developing work readiness in learners through apprenticeships and work-based learning
  2. Engaging Employers in defining curricula and partnering in Quality Assurance
  3. Developing mechanisms to capture employer-voice, Labour Market Intelligence etc to ensure inclusive approaches to delivery of education.

From these themes each partner will develop a sustainable project within their own institution. These are:

Project 1: Malaysia

Research collaboration impacts between Isle of Wight College and employers and understand how to sustain those relationships to develop apprenticeship frameworks within the Malaysian college as currently this is an identified area for development. The impact will be local growth in apprentice programmes and improved relationships with local employers. Currently the organisation only draws learners from outside local demographic and they envisage this project will help to reverse this as it will raise the profile of vocational training locally.

Project 2: Ghana

Bridging the gap between formal and informal training in order to develop a curriculum which is driven by industry as currently there is a need for this locally. The impact will be to design and deliver curriculum courses tailor made to meet the needs of individual employers and grow apprentice provision.

Project 3: India

As the training provider covers such a large area they would like to implement monitoring systems to communicate and monitor student progress remotely. They are interested in eTracker and Smart Assessor systems which could support their apprenticeship programmes. The impact will be to simplify and streamline assessment models and allow effective e-communication amongst the organisation across the country.

Project 4: South Africa

Develop and implement a work readiness programme for apprenticeship learners with special attention to learners with special needs as this is an area that they do not currently work in. They are also looking to establish an accredited programme with an awarding body and are hoping to share good practice of materials. The impact will be to accredit and award learners with a formal qualification prior to the start of an apprenticeship and to standardise delivery amongst the college’s different campuses.

The Isle of Wight College, as the coordinating partner will monitor and oversee the project but also we hope to use the project to continue to internationalise our curriculum and encourage our learners to become more aware of the global market and opportunities which lie therein.

Stage one was a Leadership Meeting in South Africa at Northlink College where the partners shared best practice and set their objectives and project theme.

Stage two was a Practitioner meeting at the Isle of Wight College where partners shared their aspirations and learnt more about each other’s projects. We shared our students tracking and financial systems as well as Smart Assessor with the partners and learn from them how these might be applied to their colleges.

Partners were also able to visit the Isle of Wight Expo where they had the chance to network with local employers.

Stage three is now where the partners work on their objectives to create new systems and practices which will be sustainable beyond the duration of the project.