Our bright, spacious Brick workshop is perfectly designed to offer you a simulated Construction experience.

The workshop is fully equipped with up to date bricklaying and construction tools and equipment and is staffed by experts from the Bricklaying Industry. Our Bricklaying Section will  truly offer you the opportunities to learn the vital skills needed, to gain employment as an apprentice or an improver bricklayer.

Have access  to up to date tools and building materials used in today’s building industry, which in turn will help you create decorative garden walls, cavity walls, arches, clockwork and much, much more.

Learn both modern and traditional building methods, which will allow you to apply your trade skills and knowledge on modern and traditional projects.

You will be taught by expert bricklayers, with knowledge and skills gained from years of working in the Construction industry.

As part of your teaching and training you will learn about other trades that make up the Construction Industry, giving you a real insight and greater working knowledge about buildings, structures and components.

You could be given the opportunity to represent the College at a number of different regional skills competitions. If successful you could go further still, and compete at National and even International competitions:

You could be part of the lavish College Annual Awards Ceremony where learners’ efforts throughout the year are recognised and rewarded.

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