Competitive and demanding, yet exhilarating and rewarding, a career in Performing Arts is ideal for those with enthusiasm, ability and ambition.

The Performing Arts professions, though extremely competitive and demanding, can be very rewarding. To succeed you need personality, enthusiasm and an ability to learn fast. Most work is on a short-term contract with long hours and with an erratic income. You could work in commercial theatre, fringe theatre, children’s theatre, film, television or radio work. There are a number of technical roles in lighting, stagecraft or sound, or your career could be in stage management, directing, or theatre management.

The staff are professionally trained, have a great deal of experience of the performing arts world, and will help develop your skills in specialist and dedicated facilities.



Performing Arts students recently took part in some fantastic external projects as part of their units of study and gained valuable experience working to professional client briefs including:

Theatre in Education Projects

Wootton Community Primary School (performing to KS2) and Cowes Enterprise College (performing to KS4).

Please pass on all my heartfelt thanks to those wonderful students who touched our hearts with their stories. They are a credit to themselves, their families and you and the school. I feel privileged to have been part of their audience today. They really need to show case that and be ambassadors for their cause.

Feedback from Wootton Community Primary School

Dimbola Lodge ‘Out of the Shadows’

Students created an immersive devised performance inspired by Julia Margaret Cameron.

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing last night ‘Out of the Shadows’, a production devised and performed by college performing arts students at Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater. The production moved the audience around the museum which was the home of Julia Margaret Cameron the Victorian photographer. It was a challenging venue in that the performers were literally within arm’s length of the audience. All performed brilliantly and were a real credit to the college.

Audience feedback

VIVA Integrated Carnival Club

VIVA Integrated Carnival Club and the New Carnival Company research and development performance.
The Performing Arts team created a performance as part of the R&D process.

Vectis Radio Monologues

Rhiannon Taylor

Lottie King

Chance Booth

Dance Studio

Learn & rehearse in our purpose-built Dance Studio.


Nessy Warry

Nessy Warry The Isle of Wight College Student of the Year 2014

Graduated from the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona with a 1st (BA hons Dance).

Tara-Jayne Edwards

Tara-Jayne Edwards

Graduated from Bournemouth Arts University with a 2:1 (BA hons Creative Events Management).


Brad Barnley (BTEC Extended Diploma graduate) is currently on tour with Phantom of the Opera as understudy for Phantom and Raoul.

Our Students Say

The Isle of Wight college has provided the Entertainment Team at Vectis Ventures Ltd with some very hardworking, loyal staff. The valuable skills that the course teaches has been a credit to our staff here and strengthened our team as a whole. The Island is very limited when it comes to courses and careers in performing arts, which is why the offering at the college is so respected and appreciated. They not only boost confidence, but give invaluable experiences and opportunities to their students – such an amazing stepping stone for career driven students.

Verity Godwin, Group Entertainments Manager - Vectis Ventures Ltd

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