Painting and Decorating adds colour and interest to new architecture, and rejuvenates and modernises the old.

There are opportunities for painters and decorators all over the United Kingdom. Employers range from small businesses to large organisations. In large companies there may be opportunities for experienced painters and decorators to become team leaders or supervisors. Some experienced painters and decorators become self-employed and set up their own painting and decorating businesses.

Painters and decorators use a wide range of paints, varnishes, wallpapers and other coverings to protect surfaces such as plaster, metal or wood, to produce an attractive finish. They work inside and outside buildings and structures such as houses, offices, shops, factories, hospitals, schools and boats.

Painting & Decorating  WORKSHOP

Our Painting & Decorating Workshop facilities allows you to gain skills & experience in a realistic working environment, visit Campus Facilities to learn more about studying at The College.

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