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31 August 2020TBCAnthony Brammer

Entry Requirements

The Isle of Wight College has standard entry requirements for full-time college courses, depending on the level of the course to be studied.

There may be additional entry requirements for a small number of specialist courses. If this course is one of these specialist courses, additional entry requirements will be stated below.

Who is this programme for?

One of the most rewarding things you can do is to care for someone when they need some support.  This programme offers you a glimpse of the different jobs and careers that are available in health and social care, and the kinds of attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that really good care workers should demonstrate at all times.  You may need to have some level of structure in your working week, whilst you move on from school into adult education settings.  It will be important to you to work towards improving your grades in English and Maths.

What will you do?

Your week will consist of lessons in English, Maths, and Health and Social Care, as well as lessons on skills and qualities useful for future employment.

How will you learn?

The health and social care element of the Foundation Programme will be a mixture of group activities, creation of materials for displays and assignments, and practical activities that will be useful in the future. You will learn about how the body works, what might go wrong, and first aid techniques when someone has an accident.

How will you be assessed?

At the start of the course, you will be helped to develop some targets that are individual to you.  Throughout the year, you will be assessed against your own individual progress against those targets.  Things like your development of confidence in English and Maths, your understanding of what makes a good / excellent / bad member of staff, and your team working abilities are all possible target areas that will be assessed.

Your long term destination is important to us, and your achievements on the Foundation Programme might access you to our Level 2 Study Programme.

Study Programmes

All Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds at The Isle of Wight College are designed to include:

  • Work experience which is effective, relevant, and includes careers fairs, site visits, guest speakers and introduces you to the expectations of the real demands of work
  • English and maths, where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade A* - C (9 - 4 using the new grades) in these subjects by age 16
  • Non-qualification activity, such as tutorials and work-related learning, to help further develop the personal skills relevant to your progression goals
  • A vocational experience which will form the substantial part of the programme

These four elements of the programme should combine to provide stretch and challenge for you helping to prepare you for progression to employment or further study.

Please refer to the 16 to 19 study programme document to learn more.

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