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  • Foundation
Flexible36 weeksLinda Stone

Entry Requirements

The Isle of Wight College has standard entry requirements for full-time college courses, depending on the level of the course to be studied.

There may be additional entry requirements for a small number of specialist courses. If this course is one of these specialist courses, additional entry requirements will be stated below.


The Foundation Learning course is aimed at new college learners usually aged 16-19 who need to develop skills for further education, training or employment. It may be possible to fast-track learners if there is an opportunity to do so, and providing the learner is committed.

The course is full-time but part-time options are available if required.


You will be required to set your own aims and objectives, and to look at the local employment and course opportunities that are suitable for you. You will consider your own strengths and ability to learn new skills in these areas. You will be encouraged to try out a number of different practical things that may be suitable for you.


This will depend on your individual circumstances. You will work towards:

English and maths, Functional Skills or GCSE as appropriate to support your skills and progression in these subject areas. These skills are essential for employment and will be an integral part of your vocational programme.

You will have the opportunity to gain some short vocational qualifications from the following:

  • Health and Safety
  • Managing Personal Finance
  • Understanding Employment Business and Enterprise
  • Equality and Diversity

You will undertake work experience to help you decide on a vocational direction and to gain experience to include in your Curriculum Vitae. Learners with an EHCP or S.E.N. will be supported by our Workplace Facilitators. After qualifications, work experience is the most important thing employers look for.

You will complete your own Curriculum Vitae and develop application, interview and employability skills. The latest work experience, job and apprenticeship vacancies will be on our Vacancies Board.

You will learn through practical opportunities which could include:

  • Business Enterprise which will help you understand the needs of employers
  • Event Management which will help you to develop skills for employment through fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness of local and national causes
  • Links to vocational course areas


You will learn in a friendly and supportive environment to develop your confidence, to become more independent and to improve your practical skills and team work. English and Maths is embedded within all sessions. All learners entitled to additional learning support will receive this with the aim of working towards independent learning.


This course can lead to traineeships, further vocational Learning at Level 1 or Level 2. Learners could move into entry level employment but are encouraged to use their entitlement to study further at this stage. Learners will be supported to plan their next steps whilst they are on this course.


Essential Equipment required:

  • Writing equipment: A4 lined paperpens and pencils are required (folders are provided)

For some work experience placements and vocational workshops the following may be required:

  • Safety boots with steel toecaps and non-slip soles (£30.00 approx.)
  • Coveralls: royal blue boiler suit – the fit should be comfortable, not baggy.
  • Catering Kit : clean non-slip full cover shoes for use in the kitchen only; white kitchen coat and skull cap. The coat and cap will be approximately £24-00 and will be ordered from college.

Please discuss with the course tutor before buying any kit. You may be entitled to a College Bursary to help with costs. Please name all personal belongings.


The Foundation Learning course has really improved my life skills. I have also increased my skills in the workplace and been allowed to practice these. I have been introduced to people I would normally never have met

Jon Cooper

Study Programmes

All Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds at The Isle of Wight College are designed to include:

  • Work experience which is effective, relevant, and includes careers fairs, site visits, guest speakers and introduces you to the expectations of the real demands of work
  • English and maths, where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade A* - C (9 - 4 using the new grades) in these subjects by age 16
  • Non-qualification activity, such as tutorials and work-related learning, to help further develop the personal skills relevant to your progression goals
  • A vocational experience which will form the substantial part of the programme

These four elements of the programme should combine to provide stretch and challenge for you helping to prepare you for progression to employment or further study.

Please refer to the 16 to 19 study programme document to learn more.

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