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2 September 2019TBCRob Mew

Entry Requirements

The Isle of Wight College has standard entry requirements for full-time college courses, depending on the level of the course to be studied.

There may be additional entry requirements for a small number of specialist courses. If this course is one of these specialist courses, additional entry requirements will be stated below.


Interviews for Level 1 Animal Care (after introduction by section leader) typically revolve around their career interests and how the candidate will get the necessary qualifications, prior experience keeping pets and any volunteer or work experience. Qualifications the candidate has or is currently working towards and how they work in different situations and with others. We also talk about animals the candidate particularly likes (or dislikes!) and experiences they are looking forward to.


For students who may not hold any recognised qualifications but are keen to start a career in animal care.


This course is designed for those who are interested in careers working with animals but who cannot access the Level 2 course. Students work is heavily based in practical skills, they will encounter a massive variety of species from small mammals to tarantulas.

Students will have the opportunity to develop specialist interests over time such as Reptile Handling or Wildlife Management. Literacy and Numeracy skills development is embedded throughout the course as well as ICT skills.

This course is suitable for students who enjoy being around animals and who are enthusiastic and prepared to work hard both physically and mentally. Your progress will be monitored partly over the internet as you build an online portfolio on your own website. Each student will follow an Individual Learning Plan giving each individual the opportunity to achieve their own potential.

The course is a general introduction to Land-based studies so will also include a large amount of Horticulture and Conservation work.


There will be combination of written projects and outside practical work. You will often work as a group, so you should be able to get along with other people and also take some responsibility for getting on with tasks.

All students will be working towards a qualification in their chosen field of interest.


Once you have completed Level 1 Animal Care and depending on the levels attained in English and Maths, you may qualify to study an Intermediate Diploma in Animal Care course the following year.

Study Programmes

All Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds at The Isle of Wight College are designed to include:

  • Work experience which is effective, relevant, and includes careers fairs, site visits, guest speakers and introduces you to the expectations of the real demands of work
  • English and maths, where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade A* - C (9 - 4 using the new grades) in these subjects by age 16
  • Non-qualification activity, such as tutorials and work-related learning, to help further develop the personal skills relevant to your progression goals
  • A vocational experience which will form the substantial part of the programme

These four elements of the programme should combine to provide stretch and challenge for you helping to prepare you for progression to employment or further study.

Please refer to the 16 to 19 study programme document to learn more.

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