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Full Time

  • Intermediate
2 September 2019TBCWill Satterly

Entry Requirements

  • Interest or experience in watersports or outdoor education
  • A desire to become a watersports/outdoor education instructor
  • Successful selection day at UKSA
  • Students who do not have a 9-4 GCSE grades in English or Maths will be required to complete functional skills in English and Maths, whilst attending the Watersports Traineeship

Commitment to English and Mathematics

English and Mathematic skills are essential to education and employment prospects. UKSA is committed to supporting levels of English and Mathematic development throughout programmes. Where necessary, English and Maths sessions will be included in the study program as a compulsory element. These sessions are in addition to the contextualised English and Maths that is embedded into every vocational program at UKSA.

The Course

This intensive 16-19 year old fully-funded* 24 week programme is designed to provide direct employment into the water sports industry. Students work towards 4 key disciplines, Windsurfing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Dinghy and Kayak throughout the course. Successful candidates will complete final assessments* in the 4 disciplines to obtain official endorsements.

Funded as part of a full-time 16-19 year old further education (FE) programme. Candidate’s not full-filling FE criteria may still be eligible. Please speak to a course advisor for full terms and conditions.

Type of Qualifications**

Candidates will be working towards the various elements within the 4 disciplines to achieve Assistant dinghy Instructor or Dinghy Instructor, Windsurf Instructor, Stand-Up Paddle Board Instructor (Level 1) and Kayak (2 Star). Endorsements and qualifications are provided by RYA (Royal Yacht Association), BSUPA (British Stand-Up Paddle Board Association) and BCU (British Canoe Union) accreditation. Additional qualifications are necessary for the successful completion of the 4 disciplines. The following elements will also form part of the programme:

  • Power Boat Level 2
  • Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
  • VHF SRR Radio Operators Licence
  • Safeguarding
  • First Aid at Sea

** Only 1 assessment per programme included following successful completion of practical period. Additional retake assessments will be at the cost, time and responsibly of the candidate. You are not guaranteed to gain these qualifications during your studies.

Additional Support and Guidance

During the programme careers and employment advice will be provided through industry guidance sessions. These will assist with the development of job searches, the recruitment process, Curriculum Vitae development and covering letters. Candidates will also have access to the UKSA online job service to assist further with employment upon graduation.

All Trainers are professionally qualified with a wealth of experience, this not only means first class training on the water but additional advice can be provided by those that have ‘been there and done that’, having first-hand knowledge and experience of the sector.

At UKSA we understand the importance of work experience in order to effectively succeed in an employed role. A number of weeks will be dedicated to develop, display and relate skills learnt throughout the programme within a real working environment. Clients will be relying on you to deliver the new skills you have learnt whilst always providing a professional environment and excellent customer service. During this period you will be shadowing an experienced instructor and will be observed by experienced seniors from the water sports industry.


Study programmes consist of Maths and English sessions*** 1-2 days a week followed by 3 1⁄2 days a week practical or work experience. At times 5-6 day qualification/ endorsement assessment periods will be required

*** Maths and English is embedded into all delivery; learners yet to obtain a pass at GCSE in Maths and English will be required to attend the additional study sessions.

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