The Isle of Wight College has partnered with industry leader E-Careers to bring an exciting new eLearning study option to the Island. This new platform offers learners the flexibility of studying anywhere and anytime to help achieve educational goals.

E-Careers offer a best-in-class online education platform covering a vast array of industries, skills and qualification programmes across professional, vocational and recreational course options.

The internet revolution and smartphone boom has triggered huge changes in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. At a time when change is faster than ever, a key advantage of elearning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction.

On-demand access allows you to fit your studies around your lifestyle, eLearning is student-centered.

Self-paced learning, study at your own pace. No limits – anytime, anywhere, for as long as needed until material is mastered.

Whether you want to get to grips with a particular subject, change your career or spruce up your CV we will have a course for you.

Step up your knowledge and skills by enrolling on any of a huge selection of course topics.

We have been entrusted by a large number of examination and accreditation bodies to deliver recognised qualifications to advance towards your educational or career goals.

Students can enrol on a huge range of courses from fun hobbies and lifestyle courses to director level qualifications and everything in between.

By providing an alternative to the traditional classroom-based courses, elearning is an effective way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and also save money on the costs of travel.

Simply choose from over 500 eLearning courses, with 24 hour support and mentoring available for our engaging eLearning content.

Choose an eLearning course to get started

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