Student Support

Health Advice

Further sexual health advice can be accessed online at for both young people and adults aged, 11-16, 16-34 and 34+.

For young people on the Isle of Wight aged under 19 a great new web site called “Check it Out” offers confidential and anonymous health advice through information and live chat enabling young people  quick and easy access to GP’s and other health professionals through technology and social networks – to find out more visit

Alcohol And Drugs

Do you have issues with drugs or alcohol?

The Works I.O.W offer a free confidential drugs and alcohol recovery programme for young people 18-25.  Available by appointment, you can book an appointment by contacting Caroline by calling 01983 717656 or 07582453736 or alternatively email

For under 19’s Gaby Buday at ‘Get Sorted’ can discuss any issues you may be experiencing.  You will be offered an appointment that will be:

  •  Strictly confidential
  • Offer you  guidance and information
  • Be on a one-to-one basis

You can phone or text Gaby on 07969907605, call the office on 01983 814182 or visit

Gay/Lesbian/Bi Support

We’re here to listen…

We offer helpful, friendly and supportive service to help you with

You can arrange to speak to our support worker Jim Edwards about any questions, issues or problems you may have

To arrange a confidential appointment, phone 07795 126756.

Students With A Disability

If you have any queries regarding College facilities/support for students with disabilities/learning difficulties please contact: Rosie Barnard, Equality & Diversity Manager. Rosie will support you to access members of the college team who can help you with all matters to do with support for students, both full and part-time. She will be available to discuss with students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties any issues relating to access to College, admission and/or courses of study, individual needs, such as support in or out of class.

To help students with disabilities/learning difficulties succeed on their chosen courses The Isle of Wight College will make sure you:

  • Receive guidance and support from experienced staff in course selection
  • Receive, where appropriate, individual support in and/or outside class
  • Are encouraged to develop your self-esteem, independence and assertiveness skills

It is The Isle of Wight College’s aim to encourage the participation of students:

  • With physical disabilities
  • With sensory impairments such as visual or hearing difficulties
  • With learning difficulties and disabilities
  • With mental health problems
  • With any other disabilities as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act

This means that The Isle of Wight College is committed to offering educational opportunities to a wide range of students/clients and to offering the advice and support necessary for people with disabilities/learning difficulties to join the courses they wish to study and to succeed on them. Students who have a disability are welcome to call Student Services to discuss their individual needs on (01983) 550657.