Parents Information

Parents Information

We aim to make sure that Isle of Wight College learners achieve their full potential. To achieve this we need the support of parents and guardians.

Progress Review Evenings

The review evening is an opportunity for you to come in and meet your son/daughter’s tutor and find out about their progress. You will receive an academic written report before the evening written by your son/daughter’ tutor and other staff who teach them, along with an invite to the review evening.

It is vital you make every effort to attend to ensure your child has continued motivation and so you are alerted to any problems or difficulties your child may be experiencing.

Working Towards Employability

At The Isle of Wight College we want our students to leave College both skilled and ready for the workplace or Higher Education. For this reason every student has an E Tracker Guide designed to look at the student’s overall goals, and how they need to develop their skills in order to reach these goals.

The E Tracker Guide forms part of the tutorial process, which also includes “Targets”. Targets have been designed to equip students with the skills that employers expect employees to have. Examples of these Targets would be the student creating for themselves a full CV and job application letter, or attending a money management session.

We also encourage students to find part time work in order to prepare them for full time employment at the end of the course. We ask that parents and guardians support this, as an excellent way for students to gain experience of the real working world.
On site we have access to a full time Careers Advisers who operate an appointment and drop in service. Students also have full access to the Internet and Press and we would encourage them to use these facilities to gain an understanding of working opportunities.


As well as academic study we encourage students to take part in activities that will help them develop their social and personal skills. We run a number of enrichment activities through the year, which could be anything from attending the London Boat Show to a ‘learning to swim’ taster session.

Talk To Us

As a College your child’s well being and success is of the utmost importance to us. If you have any queries about anything to do with your child being part of The Isle of Wight College then please feel free to contact your son/daughter’s Personal Tutor at any time, or come into the College and there will be a member of Student Services on hand to help you in any way they can. Alternatively, please call (01983) 526631.

College FAQs

You can find further information on our College FAQ page.