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16 - 18 year olds English and maths

Good English and maths skills are essential to education and employment prospects. The Isle of Wight College is committed to supporting levels of maths and English from entry to GCSE level for all 16 - 18 year old learners who do not already have C grade or above at GCSE when enrolling at college.

The college will support ALL learners on full time programmes who do not already hold GCSE grade C or above to achieve A*-C grades in GCSE maths and English and offer alternatives where required for you to continue developing maths and English skills. English and maths will form part of your vocational programme and timetable here at college and you will be assigned a functional skills or GCSE qualification as appropriate.

16 - 18 year olds who are not full time college students may study English and maths with The Isle of Wight College on a part time basis free of charge. The entry requirement for GCSE will be a prior grade D or Level 2 qualification. If you do not have at least a grade D at GCSE you should do the Level 2 qualification first. GCSEs start in September each year and the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications have September and February start dates.

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