98% Pass Rate for A Levels at F6rm

Excellent F6rm Pass Rates

College Principal, Debbie Lavin, was delighted this morning as the first set of A Level results were published for the College. Publication of the results followed the investment of £5 million in the state-of-the-art F6rm facility, and the first cohort to complete has far exceeded expectations.

Student Success was Outstanding

There were OUTSTANDING results in a number of key subject areas with the number of High Grades (A*, A and B) far exceeding national averages including: Chemistry, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Government and Politics, Sociology, French, Spanish, English Literature, English language, Environmental Studies, Media Studies, Economics, Geology and Business Studies.

The overall Pass Rate was 98%; ahead of the national averages for Colleges.

Value Added was Excellent; Value Added is the difference between actual results and predicted results based on GCSE grades.

All of the students who wished to progress to University have secured places.

Ruth Acton, Head of F6rm, was present to see each of the students receive and open their results, and enjoyed a morning of many smiles and celebration with her students.

Debbie Lavin, Principal, met many of the students and was delighted to hear their success stories. “I am very proud of all of them”, she said.

They more than met the challenges presented to them and I was thrilled to see their reactions when they saw the results. The outstanding performance of so many of the students, especially in beating their predicted grades, was particularly pleasing. I am so happy for the students, their parents and the F6rm staff. I am so happy that so many will now progress forward with such optimism and pride.
Debbie Lavin, Principal

Peter Conway, Chair of Governors, was equally thrilled:

I was delighted to receive news of the students’ successes and am delighted that the development of this new programme has allowed the students to achieve so much and so well
Peter Conway, Chair of Governors.

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Congratulations to all our F6rm students, we will miss you & wish you every success for your future, well done :)